Sunday, May 28, 2017

Reading Response

 Jaya McMahon Text Title: A game of cards Author: Witi Ihimaera Text Type: Narrative This written text is about (brief summary and purpose of the work) A game of cards is a great story about the relationship between and nan and her moko and how she loved to play cards all the time, one day she became very ill and was about to die so her favourite mokopuna came to see her and on the last minutes of her life she was playing cards with Mrs Heta. I really enjoyed this novel/short story/poem/non-fiction work/ article (please circle one) because: It shows the bond between a nan and a grandchild and how close they are and how her nan used to love playing cards. In particular the plot or character or setting or theme or language features (choose one) interested me because: The nan interested me because she loved cards soooo much and even on her last couple minutes of life she still played cards with her friends. Overall this text made me re-evaluate/consider/ think/ feel (choose one and provide evidence for your comment) Happy and sad because the nans’ still play cards even when they fought and the nan’s favourite grandchild came to visit

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Creative Writing

Dear diary-

Today my mum and dad picked me up from school today and took me to get something to eat and to get an ice cream,It was weird because the last time they took me to get an ice cream they told me they were having a baby. Unfortunately the baby didn’t make it..but that’s another story. As soon as they came and got me I knew they needed to talk. I had a feeling it was bad, So we got the ice cream and just as I was finishing I asked “Why’d you take me out of school?”, My mum and dad just looked at each other and started to explain how our house is running out of space, supplies and money for us to all live together anymore. You see we live with another three people as well, They also told me they didn’t wanna wait to tell me because they didn’t want to wait because they’d feel more and more sad about making me leave my friends and my school. I was too sad to talk, I wanted to protest about leaving but I knew that moving was for the best. The next day at school I told all my friends and promised to come back and visit them, and to stay in touch with them through social media. The next week as soon as I got home from school I got home and my mum and dad had already packed all of our stuff in our car and flew all of our furniture over. They said that we’d leave first thing in the morning, we still had to drive up to Auckland and still make it in time to catch our plane at 6:00am. The whole night I stayed up with my nan so I had time with her before we left. Eventually I went to sleep, The next morning I woke up in the car. It was 4.30 in the morning and we were driving to the airport. As soon as we got there with our stuff packed into the plane, we boarded, We found our seats and waited until we were allowed to take our belts off. After about half an hour the breakfast came around, it was 6.30 but it felt way later. Throughout the whole flight I was watching my program “13 reasons why” and eating. While I was just finishing the last episode I walked to the bathroom, As soon as I sat down about 5 minutes later the plane started to shake rapidly,The speakers came on and one of our captains started to say “Don’t worry folks, We’re just having a bit of turbulence”. After a little while it stopped, but as soon as I was starting to think about falling asleep, the plane started to shake again. Even more than it did last time. After a while all of the passengers were awake and freaking out. The air hostess’s kept trying to tell people to calm down even though they were more freaked out then them. In my head I was thinking *If I ever get through this, I’m never going on an airplane for a very long time.* I looked over at my parents while they were trying to put the emergency equipment on me. I managed to get the life jacket and the mask on while the airplane looked as if it was about to crash, my mum and dad were screaming to me they loved me and everyone around us were horrified. Within minutes the plane was about to crash, everyone was evacuating and hopping into lifeboats, it was crazy everywhere. Then we were all out. We didn’t know if everyone survived but that’s not the biggest problem at the moment. It was around 7.00 in the morning and there were roughly around 150 people floating around in the water grabbing onto lifeboats. We were all in the lifeboats for around half an hour waiting until a boat would come past to rescue us. We got saved by a passing fishing boat. We were saved! Our story of the plane crash went on the news, After about two weeks of recovering and getting checked on we moved into our new house in L.A it was massive, We had a family barbeque for all of our family to insure we were alright and safe. Our trip over wasn’t too great, but hey. At least we had a great story to tell.

I Reckon

Thursday, March 23, 2017

About me.

Thursday 2nd 2017 About me: My fears, I fear clowns and spiders, My fear of spiders is because I don't like them. They scare me and I always imagine them crawling up my leg or something. The reason for my fear of clowns is because of the movies and stories I've heard about them. What I like - I like sports, sports helps me with my fitness and staying healthy, and I like music. What I dislike - I dislike loud chewers it just annoys me, and I also dislike losing but if the team we competed against is loyal about winning then I don't mind. What I'd like to be in the future - In the future I'd like to be a dentist, to help out with people's teeth and hygiene. My family - The people in my family include My Mum (Jinny), Dad (Aaron), Older sister (Aaliyah) Me, Younger brother (Ezekiel), Younger Sister (Eva-Rose) and Younger brother (Aj) Favourite Subjects - My favourite subjects are Writing and P.e. Writing because I've gotten better with my literacy,grammar, and spelling and I'm very good at those things, and P.e because you get to play sport. My interests - I'm interested in sports, music, science and a lot of other things. My favourite sports are basketball and netball. People I look up to - I look up to is Johnny Depp because of all the inspirational things he's done and all the talent he has, and Stephen Curry because he's inspired me to achieve my goals through basketball and throughout my sporting career.

Creative Writing

Make the sentence creative
It was a nice day at the beach -
It was a hot & sunny day at the beach

The dog went back to it’s owner-
The dog found his way back to his worried owner

Maria boarded the plane to go home- Maria sadly boarded the airplane to fly back home

The climber reached the top of the mountain-
The hiker reached his destination at the peak of the mountain

Make these sentences creative
1. It was a nice day at the beach
The sun was shining on the beautiful ocean leaving bright sparkles, the warm sand was perfectly covering my toes, the water softly blanketed my feet as the sand quietly washed off.

2. The dog went back to his owner Tears in James eyes as he watches the beautifully black coated puppie leave his house.

3. Maria boarded the plane to go home Marias family wved her off as the cold plane waits for her to board

4. The climber reached the top of the mountain Sweat running down jack's face, he feels the strong beautiful breeze, and a smile from ear to ear erupts on his face as he realises he has reached the top